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Data Science.

At Owl District, we enable our customers to efficaciously influence and contact users, by creating an accurate overview of the patterns followed by every targeted user. We stay up to date with science technology, and provide hands on information to understand your customers behaviors, giving brand leverage and a better understanding of the allocation of time and resources in your networks. We take care of your digital and social assets.

User data has become ubiquitous and granular; as a result, businesses now have unprecedented opportunities to understand and address the needs of their customers. The challenge is to integrate data with every part of the business, so analytics and measurement strategies can respond to specific business goals.

Advanced analytics and data visualization enhance the intelligence of our organization here at Huge, fuel our strategy and create the best possible experiences for users. Huge helps clients understand and predict patterns of user behavior, driving growth through personalized and targeted content across channels. In addition to optimizing existing data systems, we build customer relationship management (CRM) and measurement infrastructures from the ground up, forging connections between testing, targeting, analytics and optimization. Our services increase customer value, refine data insights and boost marketing ROI for our clients.

Consumer Data Analytics.

Data is kingw, e create cross platforms ecosystems to integrate data in the most efficient way, by doing this, we keep information local and accurate to create a better strategy.

Strategy & Implementation.

Data is kingw, e create cross platforms ecosystems to integrate data in the most efficient way, by doing this, we keep information local and accurate to create a better strategy.

Marketing, social & CRM analytics.

At Owl District we aim to optimize user communications while, at the same time, safeguarding your brand's investments. Our main objective is to collaborate with our clients to make sure we reach for the right consumers, and we use your brands' assets efficiently. First, we make sure to understand the market, and to establish a clear empathy with the users, and then, we bring about a clear offer: what makes your clients need you? That is the first question we answer. How do we do it? With the aid of CRM programs, an in-depth communications analysis, market segmentation, and a clear strategy to test and monitor the different platforms. We create a detailed and comprehensive marketing strategy to guarantee the return on marketing investment.

Data Visualization.

What value does data have if it cannot be understood by users and clients? We design and establish efforts to help users and clients understand the meaning and importance of data by placing it in visual form.

Data Monetization.

Our Business Strategy team is ready to help your brand to create revenue from consumer data, by analyzing your data, determining where is the data being under-utilized, and ultimately looking for ways to increase its value.

Statistical Modeling.

The success of a marketing campaign will be determined by the knowledge we have about the behavior of our customers, that is why identifying the right groups is so important. Here is where data mining and statistical models help us to create new opportunities for revenue and growth, since it will aid us in our market segmentation strategy, and targeting the right audience without wasting time and resources.